Improve collaboration

In a business world that is increasing complex, a company’s ability to collaborate efficiently is essential to its performance and survival.

Is your business collaborating to its full potential?

We are convinced that a company’s digital transformation is achieved by optimizing its internal mechanisms of collaboration. ATOM is a diagnostic tool that allows you to evaluate the collaborative maturity of a work environment in order to accelerate and facilitate the adoption and integration of digital technologies. ATOM’s diagnostic capabilities are based on a three-part process:

Interactive questionnaire

The ATOM questionnaire is sent out and completed by all of the company’s employees or a representative portion.

In-person consultation

We conduct individual interviews in order to clarify certain aspects of your company’s maturity. These consultations allow us to evaluate more specific elements of the organization.

Positioning and recommendations

The ATOM results enable us to define the actions needed in order to facilitate and accelerate the adoption of the digital technology, but also to position certain initiatives in the company.

Why measure your company’s collaboration maturity?

ATOM is an analytical tool designed by Atelya in 2010 in the framework of consulting mandates and partnerships with HEC Montréal and the University of Strasbourg. Results of the ATOM analysis ensure the success and coherence of the change management process. ATOM fills the need to understand the company’s abilities, practices and components that could influence the implementation of digital technologies, including levers and obstacles to change. It then allows us to build a strategy to adopt new digital work methods adapted to your specific context and business needs.

Maturity axes and maturity levels

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  • Internal and industry benchmarking
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